Volnos Ryo bio-claimed

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Volnos Ryo bio-claimed

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:09 pm

NAME: Volnos "Ox" Ryo
GENDER: male
RACE: Twi'lek
ALIGNMENT: unlawful
RANK: head of Ryo Syndicate
HISTORY: Volnos Ryo's father was the ruler of the Ryo Syndicate, one of the Nine Houses that ruled Shikaakwa. However, Volnos was the second of three brothers, so he never expected to lead. Wealthy as he was, he traveled and studied on the settled worlds in the Tython system. He gained the nickname "Ox" and became a champion of the Ryo Syndicate.

When his father and older brother were killed in the Despot War by Queen Hadiya, Ox became the new Baron of Clan Ryo, a role he felt unprepared for. One of the first things he did as the new Baron of his clan was to pledge allegiance to the Despot Queen in order to avoid his father and brother's fate, who had refused to do so.


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